Individual Support for Individual People

Individual Support for Individual People

  • Welcome to Integrate

    Welcome to Integrate

    supporting people with learning disabilities and others in need, to lead the life they would choose for them selves

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  • Welcome to Integrate

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    Integrate supports adults and young people of 14 years and over, who have learning disabilities to live valued lives.

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What We Do

We help people to:

  • Take part in full and valued lives in the community.
  • Make all the important choices in running their own lives.
  • Develop key social & other skills to lead and achieve the lifestyle of their choosing.
  • Develop and sustain the fullest range of relationships possible.
  • Mediate with service providers and the wider community to obtain their full rights and value within those communities.
  • Obtain services tailored to support people with their individuality, respectful of their cultural, social and other needs and in relation to their future aspirations.


If you’re impressed by our Charity, its activities, commitment and the values that drive our support services then there’s a good chance you could help us, So if you’d like to get involved...

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We want the best people to come and work for us. Whether you’re professionally qualified or a fresh blank canvas we want to help you deliver to your greatest potential and support our service users brilliantly. So...

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What We Do

We support adults and teenagers who have learning disabilities, to lead the life they would choose for themselves. If you think we can help you or someone in your family, then we are here...

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